Seeking validation?

"What the superior man seeks is in himself, what the small man seeks is in others" - Confucius I have never read the book Meaning in the Age of Social Media (2014), by author/assistant professor Ganaele Langlois, but I presume her train of thought mirrors the wise words of former Chinese philosopher Confucius. Known for his paradoxical …

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Notions of a purist

"Obviously I am very shocked and continue to be shocked and disturbed" - Colleen Higgs At the age of 55, Colleen Higgs grapples with the digital age of feminist writing. As a modern day single mother Colleen ponders over feminist identity in the 21st century. Founder of the independent feminist publishing press, Modjaji Books, she …

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Pepsi capitalize black drink on black liberation movement

  Pepsi knows how to quench thirst and overcome social injustice. Pepsi's recent advertisement, featuring reality star Kendall Jenner, got taken down from social media within 24-hours after the premiere. The campaign debuted Tuesday the 4th of April and depicted how the 21 year old model overcome social injustice. The 'Live for Now Moments' campaign …

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