Defining black women’s poetry

Set on the strip of Station road, burrowed in the ally of Obs train station, you will find what is known as The Drawing Room Cafe.  With its minimalist approach to decor and a rustic, laid-back vibe- Obs babies tend to flock to the doors of this artistic sanctuary. Known for hosting a variety of alternative …

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Transgender children

Growing up in the 2000's my childhood was a montage of Barbie, My Little Pony, Baby Born, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. I had all things pink and one could say I embodied the archetype of a girly girl. Naturally, playing dress-up was a habit on mine and coming to terms with my femininity was …

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Notions of a purist

"Obviously I am very shocked and continue to be shocked and disturbed" - Colleen Higgs At the age of 55, Colleen Higgs grapples with the digital age of feminist writing. As a modern day single mother Colleen ponders over feminist identity in the 21st century. Founder of the independent feminist publishing press, Modjaji Books, she …

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