The Future is Queer-stionable

It was roughly over a year ago when I first got introduced to the concept of androgyny. Thinking back now, I realize that my confusion was fueled by the gender ambiguity. Is this person male or female? Or, is he or she transgender? I did not know much but I was intrigued.

If you have ever been to the Mother City, or have been privileged enough to experience Green Point sunsets and Tamboerskloof happy hour, you will know of its diverse culture. As a city, Cape Town is known for various hallmarks but there is one in particular that has caught global phenomenon: the pink destination.

Cape Town Pride is the annual celebration of LGBTQI rights. With June seeing the celebration of #PrideMonth2017 , Twitter has become the prominent platform to raise awareness for the LGBTQI community. Androgynous men and women share their experience with fellow Twitter users in support of a non-polar gender binary. As seen by model Trinity Bree’s tweet, androgyny is [ ] the way we see gender.

While Superbalist and the Design Indaba are making local androgynous fashion designers known, it is London Fashionweek that [ ] the gender revolution. Defined as one of the most influential fashion brands, J.W. Anderson’s gourmets speaks to (?) the unisex notion. Although designer Jonathan Anderson debuts his men’s and female’s  collections separately he claims that this does not reinforce what is believed to be known as men’s fashion and female’s fashion. “I can give you an idea of how I see it on both a man and a woman, but I’m not going to tell you if it’s for a man or a woman,” says Anderson. For him, designing clothes means to put into practice the notion that men and women can borrow clothes from each other.

Having not had the opportunity to attend fashion week, yet alone an androgynous fashion show, I can not state that clothing alone is advancing the discourse surrounding the LGBTQI community and non-polar gender binaries. To say that the fashion gender revolution has overcome gender binaries is problematic. However it is a step in the right direction. Whether those footprints are taken in stiletto’s, sneakers or Havaianas it is important that they are being taken. And that there is a shoe size for everyone.




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