Patience is a virgin


If you have grown up in a Christian family, chances are that you have talked about the concept of virginity more than a have raised the issue of poor service. For women, sex goes hand-in-hand with the length of your skirt and the exposure of your decolletage. Not only is it a symbol that interpellate gender but it sets the standard of your moral values as well. Celibacy is contrary to contraceptives and invites judgment.

But as of late the need to regulate female sexuality has taken a different toll on women. It has roughly been over a year since The Guardian announced that the South African district would offer educational grants for tertiary education to girls who remain virgins. The bursary is the baby of Dudu Mazibujo- mayor of the Uthukela district municipality. According to Jabulani Mkhonza, the municipality spokesman, the goal behind the project is to encourage “young girls to keep themselves pure and inactive from sexual activity and focus on their studies.” The program would include virginity tests to determine who qualifies for the bursary and whether or not one remains eligible.

But is it solely about religion and acquiring an education that the need to tame your inner femme fatale is suddenly taken to the extreme? Angie Motshekga, Minister of Basic Education,  begs to differ. A few months ago,  Motshekga expressed her concerns regarding teenage pregnancy publicly. In the midst of her campaign against teenage pregnancy and the practice of unsafe sex, The Sims 4 leaked their latest expansion pack to gamers worldwide: The Sims4 Teenage Pregnancy and Marriage.

As a die-hard Sims gamer during my adolescence,  ‘woohoo’ is something I frequently came to know of. Rose petals and fireworks manifested on your PC as an indication that the deed is done. With an age restriction of 12 years and up, The Sims 4 exposes gamers to flirting 101 and sexual desire. Apart from undermining the epidemic of teenage pregnancy and unsafe sex, The Sims is contributing to the discourse surround celibacy. What is celibacy in the 21st century? Is it an indication of one’s religion or the requirement for free education? Or has it always been a parameter for the female libido?

In this day and age, the definition  of concepts can be seen as a short-lived social construct. If you want to understand the culture you need to know what’s in and what’s out. To peg down the definition of celibacy I think it’s safe to say that patience is truly a virtue.



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