B3: Big Booty Becky

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PERKY: Photo credit iDownloadBlog

The era of Pamela Anderson Bay Watch babes has finally come to an end. Women around the world have come to associate double D’s with dumb bells and dipping bars. Becky no longer has good hair but a big booty instead!

Every since the hip hop rapper Sir Mix-a-lot released his single Baby Got Back in 1992, the world became immersed in the bootylicious phenomenon. Pop culture saw the debut of an anecdote that pegged the male libido in a new light. Not only did a vast collection of memes, cheesy pickup lines and one-hit-wonders emerged as a by-product of having ‘junk in the trunk’ but various butt workout routines did as well. If you weren’t spending money on low rise hipster jeans you were buying cheeky T-shirts by David and Goliath (no pun intended).

Even though I’ve always been aware of the B3 notion it has never enticed me. All I’ve ever done is avoid bodycon dresses and burpies. Yet I have to admit to having a lowering eye now and then. But what exactly is inspiring women to be plum-ed from behind?

Nearly a decade ago, Pop culture welcomed new comer Kris Kardashian and her family to the scene. 2007 saw the beginning of the Kardashian clan rat race. As the trio (Kourtney, Khloe and Kim) became known for their frivolous actions, Kim’s curves started taking center stage. Shape advocates Kim’s favorite workout while other sites reassure you that their workout is Kim Kardashian- approved.  All in all you are guaranteed the extra swing in your hips.

Body shaming is something that women are frequently subjected to. Whether you classify as curvy or skinny, your body is constantly scrutinized by society. Attaining the perfect Barbie doll figure, with buns of steal, is an Iron Man challenge like no other. And while the hourglass figure has always been seen as the epitome of female sex appeal, as of late, body positivity ensures a spectrum for what is considered attractive. Although Becky is no longer defined by her hair the B3 notion still reinforce an ideal beauty.

As for me, I like my buns round, soft and d by Cinnabon.



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