Cyberspace Canoodling

CLICK TO FIND LOVE: Photo credits Online Dating South Africa

For better or for worse, till attenuation due you part.

As one attempt to juggle work, do laundry, pay the bills and count one’s calories, life takes priority over social life. Lunch dates are non-existent and the only happy hour you come to know is then you finally fall asleep, or so I thought.

Nearly a year ago Cape Talk’s Pippa Hudson made the dangers of online dating known. According to the radio presenter, the realm of online dating has become the hunting ground for con artists . Fake profiles and identity theft is believed to have altered the meaning behind Cupid’s bow. Apart from having its pitfalls, online dating remains integrated in society.

International dating coach and motivational speaker Matthew Hussey claims to know the three best tricks of the trade for finding online love. . With dating sites such as Cupid and Elite Singles campaigning the search for love, it becomes difficult to not want to  test the waters. After all, if all fails, adopting a stray is always a good idea. Mans best friend not only provides companionship and security but the infamous walking-your-dog benefits as well which in turn reassures the 50/50 percent chance for finding love.

Online dating promise anecdotes about first dates and how you met. However it fails to give an account of the nudist which lurks  behind the screen. As of late, love no longer is a battle field that leaves one heartless. It is an application which requires a neatly packaged CV that ticks the right boxes. Since a screening interview can only go two ways, the online search for love is at cross-roads.




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